Young Constructors

On August 24th, Corporate hosted the new class of the Young Constructors.
The list of attendees includes the following:

  • Jeff Bird, El Paso Area
  • Reece Green, El Paso Area
  • Richard Harris, El Paso Area
  • Ryan Oliver, Houston Area
  • Hector Plata, Corporate Office
  • Brent Spalding, El Paso Area
  • Ryan Tudyk, El Paso Area
  • Arnold Villareal, Houston Area
  • Brian Young, Corporate Office

President and CEO, Jon Abrams hosted the meeting as the new engineers were introduced and shown around the office. Jon's words of welcome were followed by presentations by the various department leads.

Dean Bernal led off by stressing the importance of safety in the Abrams culture. Brad Everett then shared our vision of operations. Next, Martin Poduska explained the estimating process and Barry Rollman elaborated on the paper trail. Then Kelly Gallagher talked accounting and Bill Burnet spoke of alternative project Delivery.

Although no quiz was given, all the information was retained by all attendants. A session of just the visiting engineers and Dean provided the opportunity to express openly any opinions, ideas, or suggestions as the new eyes see it. The meeting was then adjourned to "The Second Street Office" known to some locals as the Cedar Door. At that time, everyone was off to dinner at the Austin Land and Cattle so everyone could get to bed early.

After a short session at corporate headquarters on Saturday, with Attorney Larry Black speaking on the importance of documentation, the attendees headed towards Lake Travis. There they enjoyed the accommodations of a house and ski boat. All participants of the Young Constructors including their spouse or friend will be invited to attend the AGC Administrative Conference next year.