The Spur 601 is Complete

Several emails have been distributed company wide today and the material deserves to be read by all employees, the transportation industry and the general public. J.D. Abrams, L.P. is excited to announce that the Spur 601 on Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX has been completed. The project itself is unusual and will change the future of transportation projects, paving the way for innovative and advanced project delivery methods.


“Today the company co-owners achieved a most formidable undertaking by finishing the Spur 601 project in El Paso exactly on schedule. The project represented the ultimate risk. We financed it. Not finishing on time meant me and you my fellow co-owners paying the debt burden on the third of a billion dollar loan” stated by Bill Mahrer, the project manager of the Spur 601.


So Jon Abrams put the stake in the ground for us and said “Gentlemen and ladies, you must get here by January 28, 2011”.


Jon Abrams also said “Failure’s not an option!”


We did it.


“It took the whole team: Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso all contributed people and resources.

My sincerest thanks to all of you for your help and support. We couldn’t have done it without you”.


Bill Mahrer

J.D. Abrams, L.P.

Project Manager of The Spur 601


Bill Burnett, VP of Project Development with J.D. Abrams, L.P. would also like to thank the entire company who contributed to the Spur 601 project “and to those who actually worked 7 days a week, day and night for the last 39 months – and their families who they haven’t seen since December 2007”.


As Bill Burnett said “Congratulations on a job well done, the first in the nation – I am proud to be associated with each and everyone of you”.