The Last Precast Deck Panel Set on Spur 601




I am proud to acknowledge the following company co-owners for their part in accomplishing another record breaking feat on an Abrams project, your Spur 601. These gentlemen set the last precast deck panel on 11/5/10, and in doing so they’ve placed well over 17,000 individual units representing over 890,000 SF. The daring members of the “high wire” crew experienced zero safety incidents while “tightrope” walking on top of precast concrete beams that at times were in excess of 75 feet above the ground. Primary participants include:



  • Dario Gomez
  • Jose Serrano
  • Fernando Rivas
  • Jose Martinez
  • Omar Terrazas
  • Victor Becerra
  • Oscar Gallegos
  • Miguel Ortega
  • Victor Jaramillo
  • Sergio Rodriguez
  • Magdaleno Torres
  • Manny Basurto
  • Ezra Calderon
  • Will Adams
  • Joe Hernandez
  • Cesar Saucedo
  • Jaime Gallo
  • Eduardo Nunez
  • Paul Holm


In demonstrating our company’s commitment to the safety of our co-owners and specifically to the safety of this crew a special recognition goes to CEO Jon Abrams, Operations Manager Brad Everett, and Safety Director Dean Bernal for providing the project with a state of the art Horizontal Life Line System, an investment that totals over $175,000.

At Abrams, Safety is our number one priority.