Spur 601 Sets the 1,516th Prestressed Concrete Girder



J.D. Abrams, L.P. would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the beam erection team on Spur 601 for setting their 1,516th Prestressed Concrete Girder yesterday at approximately 3:00pm CDT. This crew performed one of the most dangerous and risky construction activities we perform as a heavy highway contractor and in doing so completed a time critical and one of the most logistically challenging elements of the project. The activity consumed an unfathomable amount of planning, coordination and pre-activity communication. As a result, these folks achieved flawless execution. While there were many people that participated and supported the task we want to convey a special tribute to these primary team members for this rare and commendable feat:

  • Henry Anguiano

  • Victor Becerra
  • Rey Cobio
  • Lorenzo Salaz
  • Marcos Garay
  • Paulino Avalos
  • Gerardo Chavarria
  • Eduardo Nunez
  • Joe Hernandez
  • Cesar Saucedo
  • Paul Holm
  • Kalin Johnson