Project Engineer's Meeting and Rinker Materials Presentation


On Friday February 13, 2015 the Bi-monthly Project Engineer’s meeting in El Paso included a site tour of the Rinker Materials El Paso Pipe Plant. Rinker Materials hosted this informative presentation and tour for our Project Engineers in their facility located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Rinker Materials – Concrete Pipe Division, a CEMEX Company, is one of the nation’s largest and leading manufacturers of concrete pipe and related products. Founded in 1963 and acquired by CEMEX in 2007, Rinker Materials is an industry leader in product innovation, technical expertise, high quality products, safety and customer service.

The JD Abrams El Paso area has been doing business with Rinker Materials for many years and has valued their long standing commitment to customer service and high quality storm drain products on every project they have been a part of. On this particular day, the manufacturing process was in full swing of 30” Reinforced Concrete Pipe. Project Engineers witnessed basic manufacturing principles such as site layout, material storage and assembly line processes that are common in many heavy civil construction applications.

Through improved knowledge of the work and efforts required of our suppliers to produce the products we use on our projects, we hope that our future leaders continue to foster the business interactions required to stay competitive in our industry.

In attendance were the following:

Alfonso Fernandez

Eric Pina

Mario Carbajal

Tony Rivas

Joe Hernandez

Santos Verdin

Matt Gonzales

Nancy Rodarte

Doug Achim

Manny Marquez

Jesus Rivera

Jimmy Wayne

Jose Yanez

Allen Tacker