Last Deck Panel Placed on Spur 601


The Spur 601 Design Build job in El Paso achieved another record breaking milestone.  The project saw the last bridge deck placement of 80 individual deck pours and a cumulative area of 1.2 million square feet.  This was all done over the span of 25 months since the first deck was placed on the job in October of 2008.  Weekends, holidays, night shifts, double shifts, frigid cold, sweltering heat, the following company co owners did whatever it took to make schedule.  A special thanks is due to them for their selfless dedication and sacrifice.  


  • Brian Chaffe
  • Paul Holm
  • Eduardo Marquez
  • Humberto Cardiel
  • Jose Arriola
  • Elias Morales
  • Martin Torres
  • Victor Marquez
  • Juan Marquez
  • Oswaldo Chavez
  • Hugo Arenivas
  • Joe Hernandez
  • Cesar Saucedo
  • Mark DeHarde
  • Mike Friesenhahn
  • Francisco Montes
  • Tim Robarge
  • Scott Hiser
  • Will Adams
There were many more participants in the effort but these were the significant contributors.  Please pat them on the back when you see them and thank them for being a part of J.D. Abrams, L.P.  They deserve it.